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On Hold. Never Completed. Visions

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The Particular Poetics of Things @ Goldfinch, Chicago

Nov 13 – Dec 18, Walk-Off on Dec 17/18

Artillery Rug #1, Spices and Luminescent Pigments, Only A Few Steps From The Breach, 2016



Institutional Garbage

Online Exhibition, 09/01 – 12/31/2016, Sector 2337, Chicago.


Growing Weeds on a Random Wall, digital, live wallpaper, 2015/2016

Screenshot, 09/04/2016
Growing Vines on a Random Wall
Screenshot, 09/09/2016


Screenshot, 10/22/2016


Screenshot, 12/22/2016

Botany of Desire

Gallery 2, Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago. Immersive painted installation in collaboration with experimental soundscapes by David Schulman.

June 19 – July 17


TT HPAC HAllway Botany of Desire


Site-specific installation at the Hyde Park Art Center, Studio #9,

5020 S Cornell Ave, Chicago

“Music In The Canopy,” collaborative project with experimental violinist David Schulman

Hyde Park Art Center TAHIR


<< VIDEO>>

45.434976333, 12.3496999417, The Impossible Alignment of Two Fragments in Close Approximation , 10th Arte Laguna Prize, March 19 – April 3, 2016






When I first started to make temporal rugs, I came across an image of the Pazyryk carpet (ca. 500 BC) which was excavated from the grave of a Scythian aristocrat, in the Siberian Altai Mountains, in 1949. The carpet shows great losses and it misses entire areas that have been gnawed away by the tooth of time. Back then I was concerned with questions like, How does time transform or destroy material? In what manner do things wear out, and what propels this process? And is this spurred by the natural forces of entropy, or vandalism—and couldn’t it also be the viewer’s interaction with the artworks? I was particularly interested in the notion of the carpet as a metaphor, nomad, or squatter—an imaginary threshold of sorts.

Insecurity Over Permanence: Tina Tahir by Stephanie Cristello

tahir artslant insecurity permanence


The rug is a sort of garden that can move across space. 
–Michel Foucault


Hyde Park Art Center Open Studios

Studio #9

41.8036°, -87.5869°

The Impossible Alignment of Two Fragments in Close Approximation


ArtPrize Seven, Grand Rapids, MI.



41.8034 ° , -87.5861 °

Hyde Park Art Center Chicago

Wallpaper, gold dust

41.927455, -87.697607

Drawn to Nature 

 Gallery 2506, Chicago




Ode To (More) Possibilities, After Claes Oldenburg, 2010

I am for art that shows nothing rather than something, I am for art that grows out of power sockets and from corners of walls and ceilings, I am for art that does not sit its ass on the most obvious places, I am for art that creates spaces within spaces within other spaces, I am for art that leaves traces and renders invisible things visible, I am for art that does not refer to anything in particular but instead uses everything,  I am for art that breaks the rules that it does not know it obeys, I am for art that stares holes into the sky, walls, and books, I am for art that muffles attention-seekers and silences everything that is yelling at you, I am for art that appears magically on the bottom of your coffee cup, I am for art that pretends to be there when it is not, like a mirage on hot asphalt, I am for art that leaves traces on walls, doorframes, floors, sofas, and ceilings, I am for art that blanks out advertising panels and replaces them with art, I am for art that turns things inside out or upside down, I am for art that is a line that follows everywhere our eye goes, I am for art that makes funny shapes of clouds, I am for art that describes the world in colors, I am for art that works like a big eraser, I am for art that whitewashes spaces like a house on winter break, I am for art that is rolled up like paper, or folded like maps, I am for art that blanks out what it cannot remember, and deletes what is has lost, I am for art that leaves notes on houses and streets, I am for art that makes everything equally important and unimportant, I am for art that is gray, neutral, and disinterested, I am for art that lays its floral pattern across urban spaces like a Victorian wallpaper, I am for art that hides the artist in-between the blank spaces of words, I am for art that comes on a plate an is eaten with knife and fork, I am for art that is put on and feels like a second skin, I am for art that stares back at the viewer and refuses to be objectified, I am for art that brings to the fore what has been hidden or obscured, I am for art that stands in for something else, I am for an art that makes the part more important than the whole, I am for the white art of freezers or winter landscapes, I am for art that is silent and hides in corners, I am for art that is not this and not that, I am for art that does not signify anything other than itself, I am for art that refuses to be named, labeled, categorized, or simplified, I am for art that is nothing but what remains of a sharpened pencil, or an erased eraser, I am for art that erases labels and replaces them with something else, I am for art that refuses to look at you and talk to you,  I am for art that is empty and unemotional like the sterile corridors in hospitals or vacant buildings.

[Posted on June 30, 2015]